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Wall Hanging Quilts A Specialized Art Form Of Quilt Making

 Wall hanging quilts are created in multiple patterns for catering to a selective market. These patterns could begeometrical, floral, and abstract or life forms. Repetition of designs is not common and each one is exclusive. Weaving of wall hanging quilts is not easy as it involves enormous time and patience. This is a highly specialized and creative art form which has been perfected by few communities scattered in different territories of the globe. Apart from these few areas this weaving and knitting form is rarely practiced in a universal scale.

Unlike other quilt forms, wall hanging varieties are different both materially and appearance wise. As these are hung from walls they need to be lighter as compared to bed quilts or rugs. The purpose being predominantly decorative they must be eye catching and distinctive. Wall hanging quilts are always the best of the lot as far as looks go. The patterns stand out and add a separate dimension to your interiors. For making these light fine fibers and base cloth are used. Traditionally natural fibers like silk, rayon, wool, and cloth were used. It is not that these are not used, but very selectively.

Natural fibers lend a fuller appearance to a wall hanging quilt which is the basic purpose of it. However being costly relative to artificial yarn and requiring greater care they are not used in abundance. Quilts made from man madefibers are longer lasting and less costly because of which they are sold more.

Be it woven from artificial fibers or natural yarn a wall hanging quilt is crafted with great care. It is a fine art that needs enough time to be created. Quilt making as a profession or passion is not widespread but only bound to some communities. In most cases quilt making is prevalent in certain areas where it is being practiced for generations. The craft of quilt making perfected over centuries is being recreated commercially by the use of cheaper and more durable artificial materials.

A full sized wall hanging quilt requires a long time to be made and often is a team effort where every member of a family gets involved. Of course the best looking quilts are woven by the most experienced craftsmen in a community. Specially ordered quilts are created with great care and spaced over several days.

Quilt making has never been a very organized form of occupation or economic activity. For most of these weavers, quilt making is a pastime wherein one’s creative brilliance is represented. After the introduction of artificial fibers in making wall hanging quilts there has been a significant change in the life pattern of these weavers. Many have taken up this art as a full fledged occupation. The use of artificial fibers has also enabled in making quilts that are affordable and having greater marketability.

In many countries trade councils are making conscious efforts to increase marketability of these quilts by exporting them at attractive prices. Even government departments are spending time and effort in educating weavers in matters relating to the benefits of mass production and marketing.

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