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Recreating Modern Art

┬áHas all modern art already been made? It does seem an odd claim, but experts of art history may take you to task if you disagree. However “modern art” is used to identify a particular style of work which could attract the Modern Artlabel, just as a new building could be described as cubist influences, or a design could look renaissance-like. In fact, the style that associated itself as Modern Art encompasses many varying formats and styles, and it’s fair to say that almost all of today’s artwork, design and visual art is influenced more by this than by art styles that go back further in time.

All modern artists will usually have chosen their media before starting on their creative way, be it as a hobby or craft or even as a living. Such an enduring and well-liked movement took in effectively every medium and branch of artwork, from sculptors working wood to painters brushing, splashing and printing their masterpieces. Attempting to reproduce a piece of modern art would conflict with the essence of the style, which was to work without a defined end-game and let the creative process flow, as far as permitting randomness or nature to play its part in the end result. Most of the time art is about evolution rather than revolution, with the attitudes and tastes both working to influence and being affected in reverse, a process that happens slowly.

There have been many great art movements and styles in over time, so we can pick various of a mix of genres to take our influences from. A painting like Munch’s The Scream was a revelation in its day, but is now a commonplace image that most people have seen numerous times and even know who created it. Many subsequent artists have used it’s influenced to create their own works, without degrading the original. And we can say the same of Pollock’s Number 1A, Jasper John’s Flag, Warhol’s Pop Art or anything by Modern Art’s most famous and prolific contributor,Picasso. None of their work is especially outrageous to today’s critics, but when released were the source of huge debate and fuss.

So if you are thinking of creating some modern art today, you have to ask yourself whether you want to capture the actuality of what has gone before or capture the spirit of the works in their day. It’s obviously going to be much easier to do the former! Can you imagine, now we’ve already had pickled sheep, Emin’s Stuckism, empty spaces and oversized furniture, coming up with something that stands alone and doesn’t relate of older works? Of course, every artist wants to be the one who comes up with that unique item of work that inspires other artists and maybe even creates a whole new direction, but it’s now obvious why the term Modern Art has more to do with a period in the past rather than a general term for everything new. The New York MoMA is the place to experience all that is “modern” in art. However successful you may be, you’re journey with modern art will be great fun.

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