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I know what you’re going to say. “Mike, music is ‘art’.” And you would be correct in that assumption. What I’d like to talk about here though is how one uses music while creating other kinds of art such as paintings, sketches, sculptures;the list is endless really. I’ve always found music to be an important ingredient in any art. Even back in my eighth grade art class I remember our teacher allowing us to listen to the radio during class when we were working on projects; sometimes she’d even allow us to bring in a cassette, for those unfamiliar with cassettes, they were the big thingbefore cd’s came out. Actually cd’s were already available but our teacher only had a tape deck on her small stereo so you work with what is available (hehe).

Listening to music while creating art doesn’t just make the time go faster, it also can be very inspirational; I’ve actually found myself at times while I’m painting & listening to music that I’ll move my graphic tablet pen in tune to the music I’m listening to; I won’t even notice it for several minutes and then when I do notice it, I think “wow that’s cool, it’s making the painting come along faster”.

You might ask what sort of music is best to listen to while working on art. Well I don’t have any stats or anything fancy like that to show any particular type is better for the creative process than another. As far as I’m concerned, music is like the art you’re creating; what works for you might not work for me and vice versa. I believe that the type of music that’s best to listen to while working on art is the same kind you listen to when you’re working out, when you’re in the car, when you’re cooking, whatever the case may be.

In my case, I like many kinds of music, from Goth Symphonic metal to classical music and I’ll listen to most kinds that Ienjoy at various times while I’m working on art. I’ve found Goth Symphonic metal is great to pump me up in the morning when I’m getting started on my work or when a particular painting or drawing is giving me problems, the Goth Symphonic metal helps get me pumped just enough that I can usually overcome the obstacle I’m facing at the time. I also will listen to 80’s music when I’m working and it works just as well. What I have found is that the kind of music isn’t as important as what it stirs within you; if, dare I say it, country music, which I can’t stand, inspires your creative side, listen to that, if you find that listening to Mozart helps you to sculpt a masterpiece, go with it.

The more you listen to music or watch a music video you will find that at times those sources might actually give you an inspiration idea for a new project. This has happened a few times with me over the years where a particular song or video I’ve watched will give me the start to a painting idea that I hadn’t thought of before and I try to incorporate the feeling the music gave me in my painting. Often times I’ve also had this kind of experience when creating a new design for my gift stores. Whether it’s a special phrase in a song, a cool moment in a music video, or sometimes even a chord in the song that hits me, all of these things can be sources of inspiration for graphic designing, painting, drawing, etc.

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