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Concepts Of Art In The World Today

The use of the words contemporary art can be explained as any style of artwork that has been created in the present era or since the end of World War II. The artists that try to make these paintings use many different media and techniques. They hope to take the artistic process and and with it their self-expression into new ground. Therefore the art in the twenty first century is being used to connect with the people in ways that may be unusual to those who see it.

In order for these artists to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves they draw upon a lot of different sources for their inspiration. This usually includes the use of themes from their ethnic heritage, popular culture, events in the political arena, models from classical times, and intensely personal experiences. In this way they can express how they see the world in which thgey live, whether it be beautiful, ugly, or have an edge of cruelty. So they can show other people what they have felt.

One form, of art, that today’s art uses is the permanent marking, or tattooing, of the body. In this manner a lot of individuals have been able to find the opportunity to show their inner feelings, thoughts, desires, or ideas. Others though ocassionally disagree about whether or not this type of expression can truly be considered in any way artistic and therefore look at those who have tatoos unfavorably. But then again, creating controversy is in some ways one of the aims that many creative persons wish to achieve.Another medium that is used in this modern age to express one’s artistic side is photography. The images captured through the lens of a camera can ocassionally be made to fit the photographer’s whim or idea of the abstract.

Other photos are often shot when the artist is in the right place at the right time. Therefore allowing that person to capture a profound and moving event for posterity’s sake.Another form of expression is one that has been around for many eras, including the classical one, is the use of pigments to create any sort of picture that comes to the mind of the artist. Thus it is the act of painting a scene on canvas, paper, or any other medium with water-based, oil, oracrylic paints. The images that are depicted can range from a simple and innocent still life to representations that are a bit disturbing to those that see them. Drawing has also been used to capture many modern images. Thus what the eye sees the hand of the artist can reproduce through the lines that are drawn on a page. Here too what ends up being the finished product is filtered through the unique perspective of the individual that makes it and so shows their ideas and thoughts on the painting.

Sculpture also is another form whose practitioners have found new ways of sharing what they need to with the world around them. The materials used in the making of their masterpieces can include plastic, metal, marble, wood, or anything else that would lend itself to the vision of the individual that is caught up in the creative process.Art in the twenty first century then is rich in new ideas and new ways of expression. The artists that are compelled to make these works do so in the hope of enriching the world they live in by the messages within them.

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