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Take a good look at the picture, you will see a man wearing a trench coat and a bowler hat and in his hands is an attach case not to mention a brolly. Something about him sparks intrigue. Mysterious as it may be, it is something for the sake of a company’s publicity.

The vice president and general manager of the year old firm, with a bachelor of architecture degree says that the guy with the umbrella is a photograph his friend took of him. His partner, bachelor of environmental studies, photographer, graphic artist, president and senior designer of the company says that the print is supposed to suggest that it’s possible to be dynamic in Canadian business without necessarily being in Toronto. When it comes to the belief of architecture in the late ’70s, there is always room for advertising tactics which are over the top as it is believed that this does nothing to damage the artistic essence of the material being used.

There have been numerous changes since then when it came to the concepts of art and architecture where creating pretty things is no longer the sole concern of the people who make them. A compromise is existent when it comes to art. Diverse models from the best graphic designers in Canada play a very important role when it comes to the extensive marketing approach of a Winnipeg corporation.

Here, the two businessmen actually started out with photography. You can see their previous pictures now in the form of lithographs, graphic forms, silk screens, metal etchings, and fiber work. Their beginnings can be traced back to their time working for a local architectural firm. It was a match made in heaven, technically.

They were engaged in a company which had all of the criteria that are present in well known corporations. Because of the company, the both of them were able to visit Vancouver for a graphics exhibition. One of the partners has promised to be the one who will provide the initial five thousand dollars that they will need in order for their brochures to be printed.

Their range is numbing, probably integrating more art, graphic and print forms than any other like company in Winnipeg. Other than this new project, they also work on what they call potatoes and this involves work on architectural photography and models, promotional printing, posters, logos, T shirt design, coasters, menus, and matchbook covers. The long term work, what will eventually be their red meat, is custom art for the head and branch offices of corporations, lobbies and rooms of hotel chains, government buildings and even trains and commercial aircraft.

Often the two join with the company, outfitting a certain company’s offices with huge murals or silk screen serigraphs as well, doing its printed promotional material. Although they provide custom fine art for the companies they work with, they partner it with graphic design. It will take a great deal of effort to make it in their chosen field of work which is custom corporate art. They are able to earn with their expertise in graphic design. They are servicing two major Canadian banks, various federal and provincial buildings, a huge insurance company, a railroad, hotels, andairline companies as of the moment.

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